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Become a theater contact!

Do you want to be the link between your workplace and Oslo Nye Teater?
As a theater contact, you will receive direct information about all our settings.

What can we offer?
• Pre-order information on theater arrangements
• Access to unique and real experiences on three scenes
• Group discounts when you want to bring colleagues on theater performances
• Guided tours and insights into the theater’s “inner life”
• Customized customer events before and after performance
• Regular specials for employees at your company
• Two theater tickets for trial performances in advance of each premiere
• Attend joint events for the theater contacts

We expect:
• That you are an active theater contact informing the employees about the theater’s arrangements
• Being the link between the theater and the company’s employees
• Tickets being conveyed through you as a theater contact
• That there is a minimum of 20 tickets per year

Sign up as a theater contact at the marketing department:
Jan Erik Urdshals tel. 22 34 86 82   [email protected]

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